Are you planning to organize the first birthday of your baby or the regular birthday celebrations of your young ones? Party Fab Essentials will provide you with a perfect line of party essentials and supplies which will be available soon.

Celebrate the birthday of your children with us by choosing a specific package and theme to achieve the spirit of the party you desired. Gone are the days when you are choosing a fast food restaurant or catering houses to held your kids' birthday celebration. There's a new and modern trend emerging in the partylandia today which will give you more freedom to organize an entertaining and funny-filled celebration for your children's special day.

While waiting for our party supplies, here are tips to consider when organizing a successful and memorable birthday party for your kids.

Set your budget
Before you start planning, set your budget first for the party in order to make the organizing more easier and smooth.

Choose a specific theme 
Party Fab Essentials will be offering four theme options: Snowprincess, Jungle Prince, Mad Hatter Tea Party and Springtime. Each theme will have its own package options to choose from. Although not necessary, a theme adds glamour and style to the event because it is where the essentials and supplies of the party will be based, it will also make the organizing a bit easier and comfortable.

Number of Guests
Decide how many guests, including children, you will invite to your kid's party, so that you can determine where to cut cost. If possible write down their names. Send invitation with R.S.V.P and contact numbers.

The Venue
After choosing a theme, scout for a good venue appropriate for the party you plan to organize for your baby. If you have a spacious garden, much better, it will be more practical plus you can rearrange everything to suit the theme.

Time and Catering
Before thinking what kind of food to serve, try to set a specific time for the party. If it falls on mid-morning or mid-afternoon, canapes, bite sandwiches, bruschetta, pasta, cupcakes and ice cream are good choices. If it falls on lunch or dinner, you may consider for a catering service.

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