Sunday, September 29, 2013

Scrumptious Gulaman!

Another simple, yet yummy, dessert for a mini home party!

Here's a very simple Gulaman refreshment for your home party especially if the event is set during the extremely hot weather condition. What one good thing about Gulaman is that it's a lot cheaper and very easy to prepare, you can have a dessert in just few minutes.

Pinky and yummy Gulaman dessert we tried last weekend
 I love the pinkish color of this Gulaman. Party guests will surely 
be delighted with this very simple and yet mouth-watering dessert!

For added pleasure and enjoyment gorging this dessert, include a whipping cream and fruit bits of your choice in the ingredients, chill for few hours before serving to enhance its taste and coolness. It is best to mix the two color combinations, for example strawberry red and white, to come up with a more party-looking Gulaman dessert.

Pour the mixture into trendy molds and containers to achieve 
an elegant and enticing Gulaman dessert

For this preparation, we used a gulaman powder in two color combinations, strawberry red and white, with heavy whipping cream and brown sugar. One important reminder to achieve a desired consistency: Pour only a half cup of whipping cream to two medium sachets of Gulaman powder.

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