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Create a Magical Kiddie Party at Home

I always love children and every time I attend a kiddie birthday party, I felt a different surge of excitement, so the idea of organizing a dreamy home party for kids often crossed in my mind.

 Personalized Cupcakes, the latest trend in party organizing

Kiddie party is more fun and stress-free to organize because you don't have to be serious with anything and you can experiment/explore party ideas as much as you can.

The party catalogue I requested from Party Pieces of the Middletons
Princess party is the most common birthday theme among young female kids

I frequently visited PARTY PIECES, a UK based mail-order site for party essentials owned by the family of Kate Middleton (wife of Prince William), to get some tips and guide how to organize a magical party celebration at home for children.

Here are some of the best tips I got from Party Pieces and other online sources:

Identify the type of party
Before you decide to pick a party theme or set the budget, try to identify first what type of party you will going to organize,   a garden party, a simple home party, a pool side party, a beach party or a grand party in a fancy restaurant.

Magical party!
Set the Budget
Create a checklist or an organizing sheet, write down everything you need for this party, from party supplies to food to party favours and assign a cost limit for each item. Determine if you need a magician or someone to entertain the guests or just a host to facilitate the celebration.

Choose a party theme
To other parents having a party theme may not be necessary, but this is very ideal because you can easily choose what essentials to buy, what program to prepare, how the celebrant would be dressed up and what kind of invitation to dispatch.
Princess party theme of my goddaughter, Brea Faustino, last September 4, 2012

Choose a venue
This depends on what type of party you will going to organize and how much budget you will going to shed.

Size of Guests
Before you dispatch the invitation, create a guest list first and determine how many children and adults you will going to invite. This will allow you to itemize the cost and if you need extras for food and drinks.

Party Foods
The food will depend on the time of the party. Is your party a sit-down meal at lunch or dinner?Or just a mid-morning or afternoon party? Themed cupcakes are now the latest trend in a kiddie birthday party so put it in your top list for party food.
Themed birthday cupcakes!
Sweet bar for kids!
My favourite party food: Fettuccine Carbonara!

Party Essentials and accessories
The party decorations will depend on the theme of the party, you can make everything simple anyway by spending more on balloons. Curling decorations, tarpaulin, bunting, balloons, party hats are the most basic party essentials you have to include.
Fill the area with lots of balloons to create a magical scene for the party
Princess party theme essentials

The Party Games
Make sure your games are suited for the party and signifies entertainment so that guests, especially children, will not get bored. Avoid rude and inappropriate games. Try to include guessing games also to be participated by parents and their kids so that there's a cooperation of everyone and the atmosphere is lively.

Party Souvenirs
Make simple party bags filled with children stuff something they can use at school or during playtime.

Essentials & Elements to prepare for a magical kiddie party:

  • Invitation (be creative in preparing a party invitation)
  • A conducive venue that can accommodate the invited guests
  • Tables, chairs
  • Cutlery sets
  • Table napkins
  • Balloons
  • Bunting, Tarpaulin
  • Party Hats
  • Themed venue decorations
  • Bag fillers as souvenirs to guests
  • Prizes for games
  • Food bar area

Other Important Party Tips to Consider:
  • Discuss with your child if she or he has something in mind for the celebration, if there's anything he or she wants to be included in the party.
  • Before setting the date of the party, check with primary guests if they are available on the said date, your child will not be happy if one of the best friends cannot make it to the party.
  • Prepare a party checklist weeks before the date, write down every detail of the celebrations.
  • Visit party vendors to window shop for essentials.
  • If you are hiring a host for the party, make necessary arrangements what games to prepare and how the program will run through to make the celebration vibrant and entertaining.
  • Always consider the children attending the party, after all this is a kiddie party so their presence is the most important, make the celebration more fun and exciting for kids to enjoy, choose foods appropriate for them before considering the adult guests.
  • Upon arrival, create a fun game for children to settle the mood before foods will be served.
  • If the preparation is too much for you, ask assistance from friends or relatives to help you out.
  • Don't forget to give adults with some souvenirs to take home too.

So that's it. The basic tips I got around the net, from Party Pieces and from my own idea of creating a magical kiddie party at home. May you have a wonderful, fun-filled celebration out there!

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