Saturday, August 24, 2013

Post Birthday Celebration of Jelaine Abendan

I loooooove kids!!!

I always find them charming and engrossing that help lighten a gloomy day. Their pure innocence, their laughter and care-free aura made me to think that life is super generous and uncomplicated. I love talking to them because I can be with myself. It feels as though there's an everlasting peace and stillness in my environment!

Belated Happy Birthday Jelaine!!
May you'll be protected by God's comforting embrace and may you grow up a God-fearing, obedient and courteous girl who would bring joy, delight and inspiration to your family. Wishing you a wonderful and fulfilling life ahead. 
Photo Credit: All photos I posted in this entry ---
taken from the FB album of Miss Ophelia Abendan :-)

Last night I had this fascinating conversation with a very smart, cute and lovely kid, Jelaine Abendan, who had just turned eight (8) years old last August 21, 2013 (the celebration was postponed due to bad weather last Wednesday), she is so charming and cool!

I extremely love this sweet child, she is so bubbly and cheerful, and unlike other kids her age, Jelaine can carry a beautiful conversation without apprehensions with adults, she responded to my inquiries well and not reluctant to express her ideas on every question I asked. She spoke with a vibrant facial expression and very attentive to what I said.

One thing I love about children is that they can be incredibly honest. Yeah!!Nothing beats children when it comes to honesty and I adored the way they uttered innocent words, it brightens my day.

The smart and charming birthday girl surrounded with party balloons blew up 
manually by her dear Tita Nening (Miss Ophelia Abendan) hehe!
Jelaine's holding a cake decoration from Goldilocks and she curiously asked 
me how she would put it in the cake when it's a cartoon, the cake might turn messy haha! 
She asked me why the Princess stood in front of the forest, 
so I told her a fairytale story that sometimes Princess roamed around 
the forest to search for a Prince! We giggled both hehehe! Just love talking to kids...

The celebration last night was plenty of fun, I got to meet some kababayans, but I had to constantly fight with boredom --- my "common illness" in a gathering with no specific activities because I don't drink liquor, beer and softdrinks, I don't eat Pork and too much sweet and junk foods, I don't sing in videoke when I am in public gosh, so what do I do, hehe! Unless the party is a hosted one with activities requiring the participation of guests, I could never fully enjoy the event. So I struggled to fit in, felt like I was stuck in a dead wall, my thoughts flew elsewhere, I longed for something to amuse myself like, uhmmm, books!hehe

I only sprung to life when Jelaine went downstairs so I started talking to her, I asked her so many things about school, her colour and toy preferences, her eating habit. Then she asked me something about the box on top of the cartoon containing one large layer of Goldilocks cake, so I began telling her about the story of Princess Goldie and Cinderella and Princess Belle then she threw another innocent question "Why the Princess stood in front of the forest?" Hmmm...I thought for a second, then told her, the princess looked her prince somewhere, then she asked me where's the Prince, I told her, maybe we could draw both the location of the Prince so that the Princess can be guided where she would go next, hahaha! Such an innocent and magical conversation, it made my night so amusing and fulfilling hehe!

It was a great party anyway. All the guests had a wonderful time, enjoying the food and drinks, I chose the grilled milk fish (bangus) and took two slices of cream cake from Red Ribbon, there was a suckling pig (Lechon) which according to Jerome, he ordered directly from Cebu, but since I am no longer into Pork, I could not relate to the "scrumptious" description they had for Lechon. Nevertheless, my stomach was full, I devoured pasta, rice and fish. 

OMG!I looked so wasted here!Hahaha!
Yeah it was already 10:30 in the evening 
and I felt so sleepy glad the birthday girl went downstairs 
and we had a nice cutie conversation, then she ushered me upstairs 
because she wanted to play an online game hehe!

This sounds absurd but I am not a party girl and I never enjoyed the night life so a gathering that lasted until wee hours brought weariness to my system. But did you know that I love organizing parties? Hehehe, so ironic!

Back in Davao I used to organize parties, I love experimenting party ideas because it brings out the best in me, my creativity and my artistic skill. But organizing an event takes time to prepare and I normally need one month before the actual party date to organize everything. Since I cannot do it for Jelaine's birthday, I just prepared a simple home-made cheesecake with strawberry topping. 

Cheesecake is one of my favourite party foods because it requires less time and effort of preparation and the taste is just so good and kids as well as adults love it.

Here's how to prepare this delectable dessert:

Home-made Cheesecake with Strawberry topping (you can choose other toppings based on your preferences, sometimes I used Blueberry Jam)


2 cartoons of All Purpose Cream 
1 cartoon of Cream Cheese
1 can of Condensed Milk
8 envelopes of Unflavored Gelatine (reminder: never use a gulaman or jelly powder)
1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract (optional) 

Strawberry Fruits (fresh or canned)
Strawberry Jam (for mouthwatering taste, but last night I wasn't able to buy a jam)

1 pack of Crushed Graham Biscuit
225g of Butter

  • Prepare a large container and cover the base with aluminum foil or cake paper. (I forgot to buy aluminum foil last night so I immediately lined up the crust in the cake pan which I find very messy)
  • Melt the butter. Mix the crushed Biscuit with melted butter. Make sure it is moist enough to be flattened on the container. Continue adding butter until it becomes sticky. Refrigerate for 20 minutes or until the crust is hardened.
  • Prepare 2 cups of water. Bring to boil.
  • Prepare another container, pour the unflavored gelatine. Pour the boiling water, stir until gelatine dissolves. Make sure there's no more lumps.
  • In a separate bowl, melt cream cheese. Mix one cartoon of all purpose cream.
  • Pour all ingredients into the cake pan with dissolved gelatine. 
  • Refrigerate until hardened.
  • Top strawberry fruit or jam and serve.

Belated Happy Birthday Jelaine, many happy returns!!

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