Sunday, January 27, 2013

Panini Whoopies: Party Food!

Thinking what to prepare for a simple home party?

Here’s another yummy recipe for your party needs that is really appealing not only to kids but to adults as well. I just created this party food recipe last week and it turned pretty okay.

 My Panini Whoopies topped with Marshmallows

The kids will surely love the attractive presentation

This is best suited for children’s party or any simple celebration at home, you can quickly work on it even just for an hour of preparation. No need to worry for any mishap, there's no complicated procedure involve for this food!

I used the basic ingredients of Scones for this party food. Children will really love this because of the attractive presentation, you may use your own creativity in decorating this food.

 Kids will surely love the attractive presentation of this food!

And because I only invented this recipe and this is far from scones (hehe) I named it Panini Whoopies!

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