Sunday, August 12, 2012

Additional Features and Packages

I will be using Party Fab Essentials as my final paper in Development Enterprise, one of my subjects in MBA. This will provide me a good chance to take a quick tour on the things that I should be doing in party organizing. This will also give me an opportunity to fully develop the concept of party essentials.

Since we are required to create a unique business with an edge from the competitors, I will include the party organizing and mail-order-catalogue as additional features for Party Essentials. I'd never heard any party suppliers in Davao city that offer party organizing.

Our new features and packages:

Party Organizing - We will be offering a party planning and organizing to our clients. This will be added to all the party packages available in our site.

Party Foods - As of this time, we can offer only simple party foods, choices of cupcakes, carbonara, cheesecake, biscotti and scones, to our clients as part of the packages. We will come up with a unique catalogue for this essential.

Party Games - For birthday, bridal shower and anniversaries, and depends on the wishes and wants of our clients, we will add a hosted party games based on the party theme that our clients choose.

Initial Party Themes:

Each package covers a minimum of 20 persons

Hello Kitty 
Happy Prince
Tropical Mood

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