Monday, July 30, 2012

Party Organizing

The Bridal Shower party of Juvy Panos I organized last July 29, 2012. It was a small gathering of our friends in the university and it was a fun-filled mini-party!

Party planner is a challenging career especially for people who want to make a living in this field, it entails lots of patience, understanding and creativity but it is also very fulfilling and a wonderful business venture.

As an organizer, you will be dealing with different types of people, different attitude and needs, so the best thing you must have for this field is character, creativity will only follow.

Events and Parties range from small to huge gatherings and as a party organizer you should know exactly what type of event your clients want to have. The key to success is the orderly and logically planning style.

Here are some tips to a successful party organizing:
  • Sit down with your clients to do brainstorming
  • Prepare a detailed script for each party style and present it to the clients
  • Meet halfway with the clients' wishes for the planning style
  • Always create a theme every time you organize a party, it is a lot easier if you have a specific theme in mind. 
  • Organize it according to the personality of the celebrants if it's a birthday, wedding, bridal shower, christening and anniversaries.
  • Design a program that would lift up the spirits of the participants and guests.
  • Avoid insulting and rude commentaries, it is considered impolite and lacks proper etiquette.
  • Make the party light and entertaining.
  • Prepare games which everybody can participate.
  • Prepare party favors and prizes for each game.
  • Conduct plenty of research how to make the organizing more lively and stylish.
Last Weekend, I made my first attempt of organizing through the bridal shower mini party of my friends, Juvy Panos. It was a fulfilling gathering. I was able to punch fun and laughter and made the bride-to-be very happy. But as with the rest of first timers, I had some lapses but I was able to realize one thing that in organizing, it is very difficult to come up with a 100% performance, the good thing is those lapses would serve a learning lesson from me.

Click here the story of Juvy's Bridal Shower.

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