Monday, December 19, 2011

At Christmas Eve!

Finally, the merriest and wonderful season of the year is here once again and everyone is excited to wait for the clock to tick at Christmas midnight, gather at the festive table with the rest of the family members and celebrate the birth of Jesus with foods and laughter!

Christmastime traditionally, is celebrated with foods and parties. Family and friends' reunions are organized everywhere, thus a good party planning is a must in this season. Organized it with a theme -- this is always the primary suggestion of all party planners, a party with a theme is more entertaining, fulfilling, fun, exciting and classy. 

Since Christmas implies happiness, joy, warmth and love, swath the environment with something bright. From light, decors to clothing and accessories, everything should be organized in happy colors. Red, Gold and Forest Green are perfect combinations to welcome the Christmas Eve with happiness.

So how to make everything bright and joyful? Here are some tips:

Foods - Roast Turkey, Roast Pig, Roast Chicken and Ham are usually the foods we commonly prepare at Christmas eve. So try adding some holiday recipes in the table to feel the warmth of the Christmas season. Prepare cookies and design it using Christmas cookie cutters. Cupcakes in snowmen frosting, etc.
Christmas cookies
Decors - Christmas eve is usually a time where the entire family gathers around the living room or at the dining table. Turn your house into an environment of harmony and comforts with attractive Christmas decors, aside from Christmas tree, lanterns and sparkling lights, add hanging twirling ribbons on each side of the living and dining rooms to make it more joyous and exciting.
Room decors
Accessories - The rest of the family members must wear a Santa Claus hat or any cut-out cartoon hats with something red and gold on it.

Gift Giving - Put the gifts of each family member under the Christmas tree or at the table in the living room, exchange with each other at Christmas eve after sharing a meal at the dining hall to make it more entertaining and fun.

Stocking Fillers - Yes, this is somewhat a very old tradition (I'd done this when I was still a kid!), but it still brings excitement and joy to the young ones. Let the children of your household hang a Santa Claus stocking on the wall of the house and when they are already sleep or had gone somewhere (maybe outside the house), put goodies inside and let them unload it at Christmas eve.
Santa Claus Stocking 
Don't forget the music - Of course the celebration is not complete without Christmas music! So fill the air with Christmas songs while gathering around, enjoying the foods and sharing laughter with each other.

May you find the above tips useful for Christmas eve house party!Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy the holiday season with your family and love ones... until next year...

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