Monday, November 21, 2011

Wedding Essentials

More and more couples in the modern times want something special, memorable and unique on their wedding day. Many party essentials website are also suggesting trendy style and ideas on how to complete the myth of having a fascinating and enchanting wedding celebration.

Here are some of the unique ideas of wedding essentials that you might be found very interesting to include on your special day.

Gorgeous cupcake wrappers
You might find cupcakes very immaterial to serve on your wedding day, but cupcakes are yummy desserts that could satisfy the sweet cravings of some of your guests, just make sure to prepare it differently. 

You may hire or commission a good baker for cupcakes to do it for you. To make it more attractive and delicious, use cute and sophisticated cupcake wrapper designs like lace, crown, spiral and other creative ideas. 

Cake Toppers
These are items that usually put on top of the wedding cake to make it appear elegant and stylish. 

A wedding cake is not necessary multi-tiered, a simple two-tiered cake is enough to have on your big day. Even if you decide to buy the most simple wedding cake in town made only from butter cream instead of fondant and with no extravagant design on each layer, a cake topper can do all the trick of an appealing wedding cake to celebrate your wedding day.

There are plenty of cake topper designs available in the market today. You can order it on the shopping malls or online sites. Popular toppers include a statue of loving couple kissing or standing side by side, an initial combination of the couple's names, animation is becoming popular now adays also.

If you want to personalize your cake topper, there are several online shopping sites that offer an option to personalize the item. You can design or create a cake topper of your choice too.

Wedding Favours (or souvenirs)
Send a thank-you gesture to your guests who attended your wedding by giving them a unique wedding favour style in trendy designs. You can commission someone to do it for you. Trendy choices include organza fabric bags based on your motif, you can put any items inside like shaped chocolates, imported nuts, notepad or anything you like.

If you want a favour that last or will serve as a house decoration for your guests, try considering small baskets, ceramics or any other items made of durable materials with ribbons and designs, or a small shapely glass stuffed with coloured marbles then wrap it up with ribbons. In choosing a wedding favour, try to consider your wedding theme always if you have one.

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