Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sweet Christmas Atmosphere

Hurrah! It's barely 30 days before Christmas, the sweetest, happiest and relaxing holiday season of the year. Personally, this is my super favourite season because it reminds me of my happy childhood, full of vivid wonderful memories. 

Christmas in the province is come near to perfection, it is simply terrific and fabulous, nothing compares. And if I would be given a chance to relive a past memory, it would be Christmastime in the province back in the 80s.

Now, the world will be celebrating another Christmastime and to make it more special and joyous, Party Fab Essentials will give you tips and guide how to make the celebration more grand and memorable. Let us share the spirit of Christmas with one another by making it more special with the following tips:

Tiny twinkling, shimmering lights
Swath the Surrounding with shimmering lights. Whenever we see Christmas lights sparkling everywhere, beyond the trees and windows, it seems we are wrap with an explicable magic of joy and contentment, so put those shimmering lights now. You may make garden lanterns to adorn the pathway of your house to make the environment more lively and vibrant.

Sprucing up the trees
Christmas tree is one of the favourite household Christmas decorations for many centuries now, try to put a different tree by adding timeless and beautiful wooden decorations of angels or other religious representations, put colourful candle sticks, Sta.claus design papers and socks, wrap it with contrasting lights.

Gift List
To avoid clutters and cramming around, try to prepare your gift list as early as the first week of December to ensure every person you held dearest can be given a good, memorable present. Make your gift giving a little more special by incorporating a colour theme, say, gold, silver, bright read, pink, green, etc. 

Prepare Treats
Everyone loves presents and definitely your love ones are no different from the rest of the people in your life who are excited to receive something special from you. Make your gift a little more special by doing extra mile in food experiments. Try baking something sweet and yummy like cookies, toffee or cupcakes and used Christmas cookie cutter sets to produce different lovely shapes like star, reindeer or snowflakes. Put it on a personalized tin can with curling Christmas ribbons or Christmas gift boxes with a small card.

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