Sunday, November 20, 2011

Spring time

Spring time party theme is appropriate for all occasions, from wedding to birthday to christening and adult parties. It is one of the sweetest and elegant themes of a party because spring time implies hope, joy, vibrance, fun and laughter.

Very easy to organize, Spring theme can be held any time of the day using vibrant and lively colors like orange, bright red, golden yellow, fuschia, neon green and emerald shades. This season of the year is very relaxing because it means that the surrounding is in full bloom, so when this is use as a party theme, this represents a true picture of loveliness and joy.

Spring time theme is more fabulous and refreshing if the celebration is held outdoor: in the beach, garden, farm vacant area, country club or in the pool side. Adorn the environment with curling ribbons, bright buntings with contrasting colors, scatter confetti in the table and use bright coloured printed party wares. You may include in the invitation that you expect bright coloured or floral outfit from everybody attending the event.

Essentials and Kit for Springtime Theme:
1. Bright colored (contrasting shades) party wares and cutlery
2. Buntings, banner, curling ribbons
3. Party cupcakes in hot pink and bright red designs
4. Flowers and plants to compliment the theme
5. Table cloth and chair covers in vivid orange, yellow and pink
6. Napkins and helium balloons
7. Choices of canapes

How to do it:
1. Organize the party as lively and vibrant as Spring time season. Make sure every minute of the event is spend in laughter and fun.
2.Choose printed spring flowers confetti and party wares or even table cloth and room decorations..
3. Greet everyone with something refreshing as they enter the venue. Coolers like a cone of ice cream, a glass of fruit juice are good greetings denoting a happy event ahead. 
4. Prepare a bright colored paper cut with silk flowers design to be used as centerpieces.
5. Put few stalks of fresh flowers in each table.
6. You may use a flower printed balloons to hang on each corner.
7. Organize a funny party games and make sure everybody can enjoy the activities without a feeling of discomfort and hesitation.

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