Sunday, November 13, 2011


Make your cute baby girl's christening and birthday celebrations more fascinating, stylish and memorable by choosing fairytale-related themes like Snowprincess. You can organize it even at the comfort of your own home. 

This is one of the most popular party themes for girls, they love it because the theme implies innocence, loveliness and dreamy adventure. Transform your home or party room into a magical wonderland by swathing the environment with cute ice pink shades and other Disney princess graphics. Let her wear a cute tiara and a sash if you wish. Arranged for some fairy tale games and delightful souvenirs.

You can decorate your house or any location you choose with glittery icey pink banner and buntings. Dispatch invitations in a crown-like card or envelope and prepare party wares in all pinkish shades with lively graphic prints.

Essentials and Kits for Snowprincess party:

1. Use a combination of pink, yellow, lavender and white shades
2. Cool and pastel banners in glittery pink and white shades
3. Curling ribbons and confetti, buntings and balloons
4. Princess heart-shaped balloons and buntings
5. Pink table cloth and chair covers
6. Pink or lavender organza fabric
7. Pink decorated cupcakes and marshmallows for foods

How To Do It:

1. Create a fairytale setting by decorating the venue with cool and pastel banners in glittery pink, baby yellow and lavender to make the environment innocent and dreamy.
2. You may add other excitement elements like curtain door made in organza fabric with a magic wand on it.
3. Hang curling ribbons or scatter pink, yellow and lavender confetti in the table.
4. Pink food is perfect for a princess-themed party, decorated pink cupcakes and birthday cake are perfect, you may add pink marshmallow to complete the royal ambience.
5. Transform other foods like sandwiches, pizza, cookies into magical themed foods, using cookie cutter.
6. Use printed bowls, food boxes and plates in princess designs
7. Let children attending wear paper crowns and sash.
8. Organize princess party games like jewel hunt, musical princess party islands, magical mirror and princess musical statues.   

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