Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jungle Prince

A jungle prince party theme is cute and pleasing, with exciting animals and natural creatures printed on the covers and wares, children will surely be delighted to see these entertaining backdrop.

Make his party a memorable one with this unique party theme. This is appropriate for male celebrants of any age. Treat everyone attending into a fabulous party gathering complete with foods in the jungle prince party wares.

Choose earthly color combinations of green, blue and yellow for woodland creature designs and graphics to compliment the jungle prince theme.

Essentials and Kits for Jungle Prince theme:
1. Plates
2. Cups
3. Spoon and fork
4. Napkins
5. Table cover
6. Birthday banner
7. Buntings
8. Curling ribbons
9. Balloons
10. Party bag fillers
11. Souvenirs
12. Moist Cupcakes
13. Birthday Cake
14. Pasta

How to do it:

1. Decorate the venue with jungle-like designs.
2. Make the environment green and like a jungle with many green plants.
3. Put some large jungle toys like dinosaur, tiger or any wild animals, if you have one.
4. Prepare paper jungle animals and put it everywhere in the venue.
5. Make the venue colorful by adding decorations consist of green, yellow, blue or even lavender designs.
6. Prepare games for children like jungle party fun games
7. You may prepare hat-printed jungle animals to be worn by guests

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