Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First Birthday

The first birthday party of a child brings excitement and delight to parents. After witnessing her or his first walk, first blobbing, first tooth and all the first moments, now finally the cutie turns one.

What could be more special than making the first milestone extra special with a unique party?

Naturally, a first birthday party is always a special event for the entire family, parents began scouting for a conducive venue, foods and other party essentials to complete the celebration.

Do extra mile by making it elegant and fabulous with a creative organizing techniques. Consider the following tips:

Set the budget
Before scouting a good venue for the celebration, try to set your budget first. Determine how many people to be invited, if possible, list their names. Then start planning.

Consider a theme
A party theme is one of the most convenient ways to make the celebration more exciting and orderly. It gives delight to everyone attending. The organizing is a lot easier because you only have to pick one type of party essentials/supplies. Plus, having a party theme adds glamour and style to the celebration making the event more unforgettable, relax and fun.

Time of the Event and Venue
Time determines what kind of food to serve and what kind of atmosphere is expected at the venue. Choose a specific time which would allow the guests to relax with the rest of the group. Try something unique like an open pavilion, a country club pool side or the garden/lawn of your own home.

The Essentials
Since hiring a catering service or choosing a fast food restaurant to supply wares and foods can be very expensive and could eat up much of your budget, try using party wares and party foods from a good supplier, this can minimize your headache on expenses, this choice is very trendy and a fresh departure from the worn-out tradition of a sit-down reception in a restaurant.

Party Games
To make it sure that everybody will enjoy the party, organize it by adding some fun games, there are several games suggestions you can find online or even in books and magazines.

Party Favours
Don't forget to thank the guests by giving them a send-off gift or souvenir. There are plenty of souvenir ideas to think of. For adult guests, especially the godparents, give them a special, small token, for children, give them party bags with fillers. You can browse the party essentials category of this site for party bag fillers ideas.

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