Thursday, November 24, 2011

Celebrate Anniversary in Style

Anniversary resonates sweetness and warm memories and depends on how time takes you to make it on your "anniversary" date, thoughts of making it more special is definitely in your mind right now. Plan ahead of time when having your anniversary and celebrate it in style.

Whether you are only thinking of a small celebration doesn't matter, the most important thing is you do it affectionately with a warm thought of surprising your sweetheart with something special and unique.

There are several anniversary ideas and tips being offered online recently, just make it sure you pick something closest to your heart and which you think would reflect your genuine feeling towards your partner. Always think anniversary as a toast to your future and not to heal your the past.

Consider the following tips:

Say it with Flowers
For men, giving flowers is the most practical and convenient way to celebrate the anniversary. If you have no enough time or worst, no enough budget, to celebrate it in a dinner for two, just surprise her with flowers and make it a little special by choosing her favourite bloom accompanied with a heart-warming note.

Spruce up the table
You may opt to cook for dinner at your place, cook his favourite food, prepare the venue with some degree of creativity, choose scented candles to adorn the table, create a personalized jar with your name on it and top fresh flowers and use it as a centrepiece.

Special Token
A small gift box with a memorable token on it is always the easiest choice for everyone. You can choose a personalized items like silver plated heart trinket, silver ID bracelet with your name embossed on it, sweet pink charm bracelet, a necklace with personalized box. (For men, if you are not yet ready to propose, avoid giving her a ring, she might misinterpret it as an engagement ring).

Different stages of Anniversary according to one online source:

Three-Months on
The three month mark is the time to realize that they are headed for a committed relationship, you may celebrate it with a serious thought of mutually acknowledging your commitment to each other. Opt for a seriously-planned traditional meal elsewhere and get yourself looking sharp for the future.

One-Year, finally
When the relationship marked one year, it signifies that you overcome the beginning stages the relationship and you still want to be together beyond that. You actually managed to keep each other together after months. Celebrate it with something grand, build mementos of your time together by taking an out-of-town trip, or go out for a picnic, prepare foods together, create a scrapbook and write your romantic story. 

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